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About Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Campbell is our City Councilmember and a board-certified physician with the unique experience we need to keep San Diego healthy, safe and thriving for all our families.


Before serving on the City Council, Dr. Jen practiced medicine and delivered healthcare for nearly four decades – as a family doctor caring for thousands of patients while also teaching medical students and residents.


Dr. Jen put her unique experience to work for San Diego during the coronavirus pandemic, moving quickly to enact emergency public health orders, encouraging masks and social distancing and taking action to stop illegal super-spreader events endangering our health.


And Dr. Jen has stepped up to get San Diego vaccinated, regularly administering vaccinations alongside the many heroic medical professionals volunteering at community vaccination clinics.

Dr. Jen has shown that same passion, persistence and pluck all her life. She fought to earn her spot at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in the 1970s, a time when few women were admitted to study medicine. Through much of medical school, Dr. Jen was a single mom. And like many LGBTQ Americans, Dr. Jen faced down her fair share of discrimination and adversity.


Dr. Jen knows firsthand if we want to build a better future, we’ve got to fight for it – and on the City Council she has.


Tackling the homelessness crisis, Dr. Jen expanded permanent housing of the homeless via the Shelter to Home program, the Family Reunification Program, and the Safe Parking Program, helping over 3000 homeless people reunite with family and find stable homes, and increasing shelter capacity and treatment programs to get at the root of the crisis on our streets.


Dr. Jen is a leader on Climate Action, leading the creation of the San Diego Community Power group of cities in 2019, moving San Diego to 100% clean energy by 2035, preserving more wetlands on Mission Bay and cutting the use of pesticides and herbicides in city parks.


And Dr. Jen stepped up to lead on regulating short-term rentals when no one else would, forging the landmark compromise to reduce whole-home short-term rentals by half and paving the way for common-sense enforcement to crack down on nuisance properties.


Standing up for what’s right. Relying on science. Tackling our community’s challenges – homelessness, housing, public safety and public health, climate change, infrastructure. Those are the values that motivate Dr. Jen every day.

Her roles on the Council have included City Council President, Chair of the Environment Committee, Rules Committee Chair, COVID Response and Recovery Committee Co-Chair, Vice-Chair of the Audit Committee, and member of the following committees: Housing and Land Use, Budget, Active Transport and Infrastructure, and Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs. She's also served on the following boards: SANDAG, Mission Trails Regional Park, and San Diego River Conservancy.  


Dr. Jen Campbell lives in the Bay Ho neighborhood of Clairemont. She and her partner Suzanne are proud parents of six adult children, nine amazing grandchildren, and two great-grandsons.

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