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Priorities and Accomplishments

Dr. Jen Campbell pledged to get it done on the issues that really matter to us, such as building more affordable housing, addressing the urgent homelessness crisis, and keeping our community safe and healthy.

And she’s delivering for us.


On The Issues



"As a lifelong Doctor, I know homelessness is an urgent health crisis. I'm fighting for urgent innovative action on homelessness now."

- Dr. Jennifer Campbell

  • Announced a plan to create a new Conservatorship and Treatment Unit dedicated to getting homeless San Diegans with the most severe mental health challenges into treatment.

  • Expanded safe parking lots for San Diegans living in their vehicles, providing them with immediate services and a path to permanent housing. A 2019 showed that 47% of those using the safe parking lot program found permanent housing within 6 months.

  • Cleaned up unsafe encampments and is housing the homeless in more stable housing arrangements such as affordable units and shelters.

  • Reframed the plan for solving homelessness in San Diego around 5 key strategies: Unification, Outreach, Buildings, Wraparound Services, and Monitoring.

  • Added new homelessness prevention programs that stop homelessness before it starts.

  • Opened Golden Hall as a shelter for the homeless, now housing about 500 people.

  • Retooled the Convention Center to serve as housing for those experiencing homelessness during COVID-19.

  • Expanded the Family Reunification Program, which has helped over 1,700 people reunite with their families across the United States and find stable housing.

  • Made temporary shelter immediately available for unaccompanied migrant children until they could safely get to their sponsors.


Affordable Housing

"Skyrocketing housing costs are squeezing working families to the brink. In my first term, I pushed for new affordable housing in the Midway area and crafted the bill to slash whole-home short-term vacation rentals by 50%." - Dr. Jennifer Campbell

  • Forged the landmark compromise to reduce whole-home short term vacation rentals and start holding nuisance properties accountable. This compromise slashes whole-home Short Term Vacation Rentals by nearly 50%.

  • Joined with the Midway Community Planning Group to revitalize and clean up the Sports Arena area, adding new housing, parks, commercial and office space, jobs, and a new Sports Arena/Entertainment Center.

  • Supported the creation of over a thousand new affordable residential units all across San Diego.

  • Voted for every single middle class and affordable housing bill presented to the City Council.




"We must take decisive action on climate change. As chair of the Environment Committee, I shepherded the approval of SD Community Power, our clean energy alternative to SDG&E. I'll keep fighting for real action on climate every day."

- Dr. Jennifer Campbell

  • As Chair of the Environment Committee for 2 years, led the creation of San Diego Community Power, which six other local governments have now joined. San Diego Community Power will move our city closer to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

  • Passed the Fiesta Island Master Plan Option B to protect this treasured community asset and increase resources for open space and dog parks while preserving important habitat for endangered birds.

  • Cut the use of pesticides and herbicides in city parks to keep our parks vibrant and community healthy.

  • Pushed to plant more trees citywide to expand our urban canopy and keep San Diego beautiful. 

  • Voted to expand the Kendall-Frost Marsh Preserve in the northeast corner of Mission Bay.

  • Supported safe class IV bike lanes across San Diego.

  • Successfully brought to Council the Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency, sounding the alarm in this global climate crisis and doubling down on achieving San Diego’s Climate Action Plan goals.

  • Led the effort for San Diego to join the International Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, ensuring our city helps save pollinators like butterflies and bees.

COVID-19 Response​


"As a doctor, my top priority is always your health and safety. I never caved in to the extremists who tried to derail our COVID-19 response -- and I never will."

-- Dr. Jennifer Campbell

  • Stood firm to require vaccines for San Diego’s frontline workers, achieving a 90% vaccination rate – among the highest in America. This effort saved lives.

  • Volunteered regularly at community clinics to administer Covid-19 vaccines

  • Co-chair of the San Diego City Council COVID-19 Response and Recovery committee.

  • Passed emergency rental relief for residential and small business owners.

  • Passed emergency overdue utility bill payments

  • Passed eviction moratorium to help keep families and small businesses afloat

  • Encouraged following public health guidelines – mask wearing, distancing

Crime and Public Safety

"My first obligation as your City Councilmember is keeping our communities safe, and I’m committed to tackling the alarming rise in violent crime so every San Diegan in every neighborhood is truly safe. I support a modern, innovative approach to public safety that keeps San Diegans safe and out of harm's way."

-- Dr. Jennifer Campbell

  • Supported hiring more committed police officers protecting our communities, not fewer, and supported paying them competitively so we’re not constantly recruiting new officers to replace the ones we keep losing to cities that pay better.

  • Advanced the City Attorney’s pioneering use of red flag gun laws by supporting more resources and prosecutors.

  • Cracked down on untraceable ghost guns.

  • Required guns to have safe storage and trigger locks to protect against accidental shootings.

  • Support reinstating community policing.

  • Strongly support San Diego’s new Office of Race & Equity, which is helping guide a more comprehensive approach to public safety by investing in communities and families that really need it.

  • Support more trained mental health clinicians, such as Mobile Crisis Response Teams, responding to mental health crises so our police can spend more time focused on stopping violent crime.

In Our Neighborhoods

Street Vendors

  • Authored the bill to bring order to street vendors in San Diego, ensuring that our public spaces are protected while simultaneously looking after the economic well-being of vendors.


  • Installed Cadman Dog Park leash-free area fence.

  • Opened Longfellow Elementary joint use field and implemented safety improvements in front of the school.

  • Painted South Clairemont recreation center and pool building.

  • Approved Vehicle Calming signs on 3 streets.

  • Installed Traffic Circles on Moraga Avenue

  • Completed Safety improvement on Illion Street in front of St. Mary Magdalene school.

  • 14 Transformer boxes painted by local artists in Clairemont.

  • Repaved Milton Street.

  • Replaced stairs connecting Clairemont Dr. to Morena Blvd.

  • New flooring at the South Clairemont Library.

  • Upcoming priority - Clairemont Community Plan Update.

Ocean Beach

  • Fought for the expansion of the OB Library, finally tackling a much-needed community project, with more than $5 million now budgeted to help protect and grow the library.

  • Quadrupled Police Beach Patrols.

  • Added a new stop sign at Ebers and Saratoga Streets to improve pedestrian safety around Dusty Rhodes Park.

  • Working with city, state, and federal governments to repair/replace the OB pier.

  • Increased Outreach to Homeless Neighbors in OB.

  • Working to rebuild the Ocean Beach Lifeguard Station

  • Provided permanent bike racks in OB

Mission Beach/Bay

  • Passed the ban on motorized vehicles on City boardwalks and Mission Bay park.

  • Opened new lifeguard station at South Mission Beach.

  • Supported opening of the new Maruta Gardner Playground.

  • Remodeled new basketball court in South Mission Beach.

  • Increased Safety Measures at Belmont Park.

  • Established task force along with Parks and Recreation, Public Safety to address Mission Bay issues like illegal fires, drinking, and curfew violations.

  • Increased Homeless Outreach to Mission Beach Communities.

In Our Neighborhoods

Point Loma/Midway

  • Joined with the Midway Community Planning Group to revitalize and clean up the Sports Arena area, adding new housing, parks, commercial and office space, jobs, and a new Sports Arena/Entertainment Center.

  • Opened 2 new homeless shelters in Midway.

  • Added pedestrian safety improvements on West Point Loma Blvd and Sports Arena Blvd.

  • Opened the new West Mission Bay Bridge across the San Diego River.

  • Restored native plants at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

  • Budgeted $1.5 million to expand Homeless Outreach Teams, which help connect the homeless to essential services.

  • Repaved many streets, including Midway Drive.

  • Upcoming priority - Cañon Street Pocket Park

Pacific Beach

  • Implemented Slow Street Program on Diamond Street.

  • Worked with the community to implement a long-awaited parking meter program to benefit small businesses

  • Participated in many beach clean-ups.

  • Participated in Rose Creek clean-ups.

  • Installed new crosswalks and streetlights.

  • Encouraged the development of a PB YMCA Branch.

  • Added Bike/Pedestrian Bridge to the Balboa/PB Trolley Station Plan to bring people back and forth from beach communities to trolley stations on Morena Blvd

  • Passed the ban on motorized vehicles on City boardwalks and Mission Bay park.

Proudly supporting and sponsoring groups and events our community loves


  • Friends of Ocean Beach

  • Ocean Beach MainStreet Association Clean and Safe program

  • Ocean Beach Holiday Parade

  • I Love a Clean San Diego Coastal Clean-up Day

  • Pacific Beach Concerts on the Green

  • Point Loma Summer Concerts

  • Cabrillo Festival

  • Clairemont Family Day

  • Clairemont Garden Tour

  • Linda Vista Multicultural Fair

  • Friends of Tecolote Canyon Family Day

  • ElderHelp of San Diego

  • Interfaith Shelter

  • Jewish Family Services

  • Lutheran Social Services

  • Meals on Wheels

  • St. Vincent de Paul’s Village

  • San Diego Humane Society

  • San Diego LGBT Community Center

  • San Diego Library Foundation

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